For first-time rally participants, some things you can do for the August 26 protest in Luneta:

like a rolling stone

Many of those going to the August 26 protest against the pork barrel system and for true accountability may probably be first-time rally participants. It’s quite amazing that the issue has moved so many people into taking action, especially those who don’t normally join street protests.

There is no one group leading the Luneta rally. Many groups and individuals will be going there because they feel a great and urgent need to express their outrage over what’s happening with our public funds and over the government’s lack of meaningful response to the issue. Quite telling is the Aquino government’s stubborn refusal to give up the pork barrel system. Government tolerance for systemic corruption, the cover-ups in Congress, the Napoles drama, worsening poverty and perhaps even the recent flooding, have all contributed to the growing public outrage.

If this is your first time to join a rally, here are some tips…

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