5 Reasons Why the Filipino Youth Opposes the Entry of U.S Troops!

The presence of U.S troops is like a gun to the head of the Filipino people. They have been used, continue to be used, and will be used again to suppress any moves towards genuine freedom and democracy in our country.
In the last century, there have been so many countries* which have either been invaded or subjected to ‘special operations’ by U.S troops. For example, coups against legitimate governments, assassinations of leaders, and training of local death squads.
Our own land will be used as a springboard for U.S offensives and attacks against countries which are innocent and have done nothing wrong against us.
Even in the present, U.S troops are already violating our national sovereignty. In Mindanao, they are part of many units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in their operations, in violation of our Constitution.
There are many other ‘plagues’ brought about by U.S troops: prostitution, rape and violations against Filipinas, nuclear wastes, possible disaster due to meltdown of nuclear weapons and reactors, disrespect for our laws and Constitution, etc.




* Complete list of countries: Philippines (an estimated 10% of the entire population was killed), the entire Latin America, Russia, Japan (nuclear bombing), Korea, again in Guatemala, Vietnam (20 years’ of bombings and extra-judicial killings), Cuba (half-a-century of economic embargo), again in Chile, again in Argentina, again in Salvador, again in Nicaragua, again in Grenada, Libya, again in Panama, Afghanistan, again in Venezuela, Iraq, again in Libya.


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